Written by Isaac O’Neill with additional contributions and editing by Chris Howson-Jan

It’s hard to believe we’re already heading into the final week of the NBA season, and while there’s still some intrigue surrounding the particulars of playoff seeding and potential first round matchups, I wanted to turn my attention to some thoughts around the league that aren’t directly related to the on-court product. You can see my on-court thoughts here.

But first here are some predictions Chris and I sketched out.

Predictions for Zach Lowe’s ‘Luke Walton NBA All-Stars’

For the uninformed, the Luke Walton All-Stars is Zach Lowe’s annual column honouring players who find success on…

Matchups Will Matter

In this wide open season full of injuries, missed games due to Covid, and a field that would be widespread regardless, the standings are a complete mess. In my head there are eight teams that have a shot at the title (in no order); Lakers, Clippers, Jazz, Suns, Nuggets, Bucks, Sixers, Nets. With the Western Conference standings in shambles, there’s lots of rejigging to still happen. I think early round matchups will be a far more relevant factor on who wins than ever before. A first round Lakers-Clippers matchup is now in play. I don’t like the Suns chances versus…

Vibes Corner

I didn’t pick this set of movies with any sort of theme in mind. Maybe (Definitely) its quarantine getting to me, but I found many of the movies I enjoyed recently were just pleasurable to “live in”.

Best ‘Best Friends Movie Club’ Watch — Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) (dir. Peter Weir)

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favourite movies ever. So my expectations were quite high going in. They still managed to blow me away. The heart of the movie; displaying such patience with every scene, is an art very much lost in the commercial epics we get today. The 2 hour 20 minute run time forces you to question what could…

Co-written by Isaac O’Neill and Chris Howson-Jan

After a scare with an irregular heartbeat last week, LaMarcus Aldridge abruptly retired from the NBA, ending his season with the Brooklyn Nets and his chances of capturing the ring that long eluded him.

Aldridge will be remembered by many as a classic longevity star — a player that was consistently good over an extended period, but never truly great. That label sells him short in many ways, as he retires as one of the most consistent players of the LeBron era. …

In Part 1, we delved into the team success that Allen Iverson and Damian Lillard have contributed to their respective teams. To me, it’s a starting point to show how underrated Lillard is overall. I am hyper-aware of the fact that Iverson’s impact can not necessarily be captured by box score metrics. As a Kyle Lowry stan, I am familiar with the notion that no stat tells the whole story. I am also aware stats can be manipulative, both positively and negatively. …

If you haven’t already, I would recommend at least skimming through our previous piece on how lopsided the Western and Eastern Conference have been over the past 20 years. Once you’ve done that, you’ll realize just how volatile the Western Conference is year in and year out. For the many Raptors and Celtics fans reading, I probably don’t have to tell you how meaningless a high seed in the East can truly be.

Part of the reason for that piece is to provide some background for a comparison between Damian Lillard and Allen Iverson. Some might call this an overreaction…

The top 100 series is about ranking players, but it’s also about the history of the NBA. Digging through the history of the league gives us further explanation for why players are remembered as they are. There are so many inflection points - small situations on the court, big decisions off of it - that have affected the legacies of teams and players in massive ways. I’m still waiting for some sort of book or deep dive YouTube video breaking down how Durant’s signing with the Warriors affected the league in the years to come.

Although we seem to be…

Co-written by Isaac O’Neill and Jason “Steezekamp”

It’s only others’ fantasy football roster that no one cares to hear about, right? For the singular person who might care to scroll even halfway through this article, below we have power rankings of — that’s right — my fantasy basketball league.

Currently in Week 12 of a 15 week regular season, the standings have shaped up, with teams at the top and bottom of the league gaining and losing ground, respectively. What’s left is a highly intriguing 10-team middle of the pack. …

Here’s my Letterboxd diary, tracking what I’ve watched this past month.

Most Enjoyable Rewatch: The Sound of Music (1965) (dir. Robert Wise)

In the wake of Christopher Plummer’s death, I revisited perhaps Plummer’s most iconic role, and one of my childhood favourites. The Sound of Music feels different than many of the epics of its era, with a slowly ascending plot that subverts enough trope to feel unique. As Julie Andrews effortlessly wins over the hearts of Baron Von Trapp’s (played by Plummer) children, as well as the audience, the story almost feels secondary to the mood of the entire…

Co-written by Isaac O’Neill and Chris Howson-Jan

Lauri Markannen

Isaac: As I calibrated my list of players who might fit into this buy low model near the beginning of the season, Markannen immediately came to mind. His situation makes for a good example of an inefficiency a smart NBA might look for.

With Lauri Markannen and the Bulls failing to reach an agreement on an extension last offseason, there has been plenty of conversation surrounding the future of the young Finn. Markannen was supposed to be a frontline building block alongside Wendell Carter Jr. …

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